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Woot! Somewhere to stash random notes and howtos. If the contents of this wiki seem a bit terse, it's because the intended audience is primarily myself, in the future, in a hurry and frazzled because something has broken or changed, and I can't remember how I set things up.

Sci-Fi Night, IRC Quotes, FAIL

Here's a test for the Score extension which lets you write snippets of music notation in Lilypond.

Example: Eine Alpensinfonie

An excerpt from the 4th trombone part of Eine Alpensinfonie by Richard Strauss, usually played on a contrabass trombone:

\relative c, {
  \time 4/4
  \clef bass
  \key c \major

  r2 r4\ff g\tenuto
  c2.\tenuto c4\tenuto
  g'2.\tenuto g4\tenuto
  e2~ e4.. b16
  c8 r8 r4 r2
  \bar "|."

Here it is being played (but not filmed!) in this performance by the Berlin Philharmonic: