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Woot! Somewhere to stash random notes and howtos. If the contents of this wiki seem a bit terse, it's because the intended audience is primarily myself, in the future, in a hurry and frazzled because something has broken or changed, and I can't remember how I set things up.

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Eine Alpensinfonie

The Score extension handles snippets of music notation using Lilypond. An excerpt from the 4th trombone part of Eine Alpensinfonie by Richard Strauss, often played on a contrabass trombone although not specifically called for:

\relative c, {
  \time 4/4
  \clef bass
  \key c \major

  r2 r4\ff g\tenuto
  c2.\tenuto c4\tenuto
  g'2.\tenuto g4\tenuto
  e2~ e4.. b16
  c8 r8 r4 r2
  \bar "|."

You can hear (but not see!) it being played in this performance by the Berlin Philharmonic. I mean, I love how they at least bothered to point the camera at the trombone section, but the only time the 4th trombonist is playing his contrabass (you can see his bass sitting on its stand), and he's not in shot: