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Developing with Wordpress on debussy

On debussy you should create a directory under your ~/sites directory for each site (or, each client or organisation, with their multiple sites beneath that). For example, the Apiti site is in /home/abr/sites/apiti/wordpress, and the Apache access and error logs are in /home/abr/sites/apiti/log - ask your friendly Open Blue or Positive Internet sysadmin to sort it out for you (Apache will need to be able to write to the log directory as the www-data user).

The site is a git checkout of the 34-apiti branch, checked out from the wordpress repo at /home/abr/wordpress.git. This means you can clone it on your laptop and point Apache and MySQL at it:

git clone ssh://
cd wordpress
git checkout 34-apiti
[ ... tweaky testy codey codey etc... ]
git commit -m "my orsim changes"
git push

How to deploy Wordpress

Then when you're happy you can push it all live:

ssh debussy
cd sites/apiti/wordpress
git pull

There are cooler ways to deploy sites, using staging instances and nice fabric scripts, but that's more expensive :-)