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We should pool together a bit of cash and buy some breakfast foods + general snacks for the weekend. Please add to or update the list below, and indicate quantities - I'll figure out an approximate cost and we'll go shopping on Friday.


  • Milk (Light Blue/Greentop) 2L
  • Milk (Blue) 2L
  • Bacon - Streaky & Honey-Cured 1KG
  • Eggs 1 Dozen
  • Cereal
  • Bread


  • Diet Coke/Coke Zero 2 * 2.25l
  • Coke 2.25l
  • Corn Chips - Large Bag
  • Salsa - Medium
  • Coffee - Jon?
  • Cream - 500ml
  • Dark Chocolate


Craig suggested we have a BBQ - sounds good to me!

  • sausages (be nice to have spiced ones)
  • kebabs
  • onions!
  • mushrooms!
  • good steak perhaps
  • buns & rolls
  • hot english mustard, and other sauces


Please see the Google Calendar event.

Here is some information from the holiday home company that you may want to be aware of:

Please bring:
  • Depending on how many beds you are using, you will need to bring sheets for 2x double beds, 6 x single beds, and as many pillow slips as you need.
  • Towels, bath mats, flannels, tea towels.
Before you depart please check that you have left the Holiday Home in a reasonable state:
  • With all dishes done and a wipe down of the BBQ if you have used it
  • Cleaners will be through to wipe surface areas down, clean the bathrooms and mop throughout
  • Dispose of all your rubbish. The Taupo refuse tip is on Tauhara Rd. Please do not leave it at the gate waiting for collection day. A black rubbish bag is provided. Council stickers can be purchased at any dairy or supermarket.
Please note:
  • That if rubbish is not disposed of there will be a charge of $20.00 penalty fee incurred on your credit card that you have provided as assurance of bond.
  • No smoking inside.
  • When leaving please ensure all heaters are off, windows/doors are securely locked.
  • Please vacate the premises no later than 11.00am on day of departure. There will be a $20 charge if the house is not vacated by the allotted time.

Stuff to do

Here's a video showing some things we can do in Taupo. More information is available on my blog.