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Dudes, lets be a little more organised and write down the when/where/what/how of our regular sci-fi nights.

Next Night

Babylon 5
Friday 15th February - time TBD (drinks for Matty @ Leuven first)

Confirmed Attendees (please add yourself)

  • Greg and Paula (don't forget to bring a birthday present for Paula)
  • Mike and Sarah (don't forget to bring a birthday present for YOUR FACE)


  • Babylon 5 EP 1-21 The Quality of Mercy
  • Babylon 5 EP 1-22 Chrysalis
  • Babylon 5 EP 2-01 Points of Departure

Previous Nights

8th February 2008

  • Babylon 5 EP 1-17 Legacies
  • Babylon 5 EP 1-18 & 1-19 A Voice in the Wilderness
  • Babylon 5 EP 1-20 Babylon Squared

1st February 2008

  • Babylon 5 EP 1-15 Grail
Some religious nutter seeking the Holy Grail comes to Bab 5, and hooks up with an emo engineer who worked on all the Babylon stations. Apparently, after leaving each station for leave or upon finishing the work, the station asplodey. Interestingly he points out that Babylon 4 didn't explode, but rather 'wrinkled up and disappeared'.
  • Babylon 5 EP 1-16 Eyes
Overacting British Throw-My-Toys General guy conducts an investigation of Sinclair about his recent command decisions. Ivanova confronts a member of Psi-Corps (The freaky guy from The Frighteners - and incidently, he plays an An Andorian Starship captain from Star Trek Enterprise - Season 3, which is even better than you all could possibly imagine... but I digress!) when told to submit to a scan. When Vorlon ambassador Kosh is told the Na'ka'leen feeder was disguised in a Vorlon encounter suit, he is pleased that his appearance makes people feel uneasy. Leneer helps Garibaldi finish his antique Kawazaki motorbike - and wow, do they ride that puppy round the station at 'StreetHawk' speeds... LOL!

25th January 2008

  • Babylon 5 EP 1-13 Signs and Portents
We get to meet Morden, who simply asks "What do you want" to the main ambassadors. Why does Delenn get a freaky triangle on her head when he talks to her? And whats the dealio with Kosh breaking his suit. G'Kar and Londo get mad at each other. And at the end a giant spidery ship 'uncloaks' and kicks some ass. Seemingly related to Mr Morden.
  • Babylon 5 EP 1-14 TKO
It's a real "hose down" of an episode, with a Russian-Jewish Rabbi and a tough talkin' boxer friend of Garabaldi who likes to "stroke off".

Some time earlier

  • Babylon 5 EP 1-12 By Any Means Necessary
The docking worker strike, which Sinclair resolves fairly, which annoys Earth government. Londo hoards a special plant required in an important Narn religious observation, which leads to a confrontation.
  • Babylon 5 EP 1-11 Survivors
We get a peek at Garibaldi's alcoholic past. He's blamed for an accident aboard B5, which leads to hitting the bottle again after a prolonged abstinence.
  • Babylon 5 EP 1-10 Believers
Lame morality tale about medical intervention versus fundy religious beliefs.
Kosh: "The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote."
  • Babylon 5 EP 1-09 Deathwalker
Notorious war criminal scientist chick invents an immortality serum. Vorlon Ambassador Kosh intervenes with "You are not ready". He also hires telepath Talia Winters to oversee a very unusual negotiation with crazy exposed brain under his hat guy.
Minbari warrior, to Sinclair: "There is a hole in your mind!"
  • Babylon 5 EP 1-08 And The Sky Full Of Stars
Sinclair is kidnapped and interrogated by members of a pro-Earth (i.e. anti-aliens) group, determined to find out what transpired when the commander was briefly missing in action during the final battle of the Earth/Minbari war, something Sinclair himself has never been able to remember. What is it that the Minbari don't want Sinclair to remember about his experience on the Line?
After his squad was shot down at the Line, Sinclair's ship was disabled and taken aboard a Minbari cruiser. He was tortured and examined, and at one point stood unfettered within the circle of the grey council itself. When they didn't respond to his questions, Sinclair suddenly walked up to one of them and pulled back the hood, revealing the face of Delenn. He was then knocked out again, and some time later returned to his ship with no memory of the experience.
  • Babylon 5 EP 1-07 The War Prayer
A Minbari poet is attacked by a vicious pro-Earth group. Two young Centauri lovers seek Londo's protection. Londo's shoes are too tight, and he has forgotten how to dance.
  • Babylon 5 EP 1-06 Mind War
We meet Bester, a high-up Psi-Corps agent, played by our favourite Star Trek officer, Walter "Nuclear Wessels" Koenig when they're trying to hunt down escaped freaky experimented-on mind-quake guy Jason Ironheart, who gives Babylon 5 resident Psi-Corps agent Talia Winters a "gift" - telekinesis.
  • Babylon 5 EP 1-05 The Parliament Of Dreams
Sinclair's annoying old flame, Catherine "Don't Touch Me Unless You Mean It" Sakai, arrives during a weeklong festival when humans and aliens demonstrate their religious beliefs. An old enemy sends an assassin to kill G'Kar.

Future Nights

  • Babylon 5
    • Seriously, the Pilot and Episode 1.01 are quite good.
    • Even 1.02 Soul Hunter has some stuff about Minbari beliefs.
  • Battlestar Galactica when it returns - and may it return quickly... SO SAY WE ALLLL!!!! - Looks like it's set to start on 04/04/2008, W0000T!
  • Doctor Who - the last ones we saw were the Daleks in the Empire State Building
  • Torchwood
  • Farscape
  • The Man From Earth - Indie movie, that's apparently really good! Someone should 'obtain' this... (31/01/2008 - Consider this "obtained" - Griff)
  • I have the retouched and remastered film Metropolis on DVD
  • We have some Rifftrax of The Matrix, Fellowship Of The Ring and some Star Trek movies we haven't watched yet?
  • Enterprise? At least from Season 3, right through Season 4 would be Gravy!!! Update: I have purchased Season 4 - on sale at 'WitKols' (Phonetic spelling applies). So far, it's pretty good...
  • Howabout some good vampire flicks, like the 1979 Dracula with Lawrence Olivier as Van Halen, um, I mean, Van Helsing. It's a fantastic movie - very kewl!
  • There's always a second-viewing of Battlefield:Earth - with Riftrax of course! What better way to watch the absolute horror, that is LRonHubbardsCereal's masterpiece example of Thetan turd, than with the safety net of Riftrax to catch us when, inevitably, we all fall into fits of laughter at the wooden-plank acting of Travolta, and his cohorts of brain-washed Scientologists - BigCringeLOL!
  • Family Guy: Blue Harvest DVD - it's out at the shops!!!